exhaust pipe with catalyst; intermediate pipe; ret... - Passat/4Motion/Santana(PA) [EUROPA 2007 year]

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part code title
exhaust pipe with catalyst
intermediate pipe
retrofit kit for diesel particulate filter
see illustration:
(1)3C0 254 505 MX exhaust pipe with catalyst
note technical product information:
Detail of the restored at the factory
(1)3C0 254 501 QX exhaust pipe with catalyst
to use for:
Detail of the restored at the factory
21K0 253 115 T seal
31K0 253 725 clamp
41K0 253 047 P support
(4)1K0 253 047 Q support
5N  90630501 hexagon head bolt (combi)
6N  10268503 hexagon bolt
7N  0195306 hex collared bolt
(7)N  10642103 hex collared bolt
8 temperature sensor
see illustration:
(8) lambda probe
see illustration:
91K0 253 144 AD bracket