switches in dashboard; U.-SCHLAUCH AUF 971-20 - LT, LT 4x4(LT) [EUROPA 1998 year]

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part code title
switches in dashboard
12D0 919 233 A warning lamp
22D0 957 085 cover
2D0957085  01C satin black
32D0 957 085 A switch mounting
2D0957085A 01C satin black
42D0 957 085 B switch mounting
2D0957085B 01C satin black
52D0 957 085 G switch mounting
2D0957085G 01C satin black
(6)2D0 957 085 H switch mounting
2D0957085H 01C satin black
72D0 957 085 E dummy cover
2D0957085E 01C satin black
(8)2D0 959 543 A switch for air conditioner
2D0959543A 01C satin black
92D0 959 561 switch for inner light
2D0959561  01C satin black
-2D0 959 561 M switch for additional heater
2D0959561M 01C satin black
102D0 959 561 A switch for working speed control
2D0959561A 01C satin black
112D0 959 561 B switch for power take-off
2D0959561B 01C satin black
122D0 959 561 C switch for inner light
2D0959561C 01C satin black
132D0 959 561 D switch for differential lock
2D0959561D 01C satin black
142D0 959 561 E switch for seat heating
2D0959561E 01C satin black
152D0 959 561 F switch for fog lights, rear fog light and headlight range control
2D0959561F 01C satin black
(15)2D0 959 561 G switch for rear fog light and headlight range control
2D0959561G 01C satin black
162D0 959 561 H switch for tipper vehicles
2D0959561H 01C satin black
172D0 959 561 J switch for siren
2D0959561J 01C satin black
182D0 959 561 K switch for rotating emergency light
2D0959561K 01C satin black
192D0 959 565 switch for exterior mirror adjustment
dummy cover
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2D0959565  01C satin black
202D0 959 621 switch for heated rear window
2D0959621  01C satin black
212D0 959 855 switch for electric window regulator
2D0959855  01C satin black